L’Impression D’Antilope

I have a new obsession. It’s antelope print. I just recently discovered it, and while I don’t own any antelope print, I feel that everyone needs some. In fact, my dilemma is mainly how to confine it. I think I like the idea of it being in every room. It’s just gorgeous and whimsical and neutral and simple all at the same time.

Let me show you.

Meet antelope printed fabric. This is a fabric you can find on leeindustries.com. I have not researched prices, but I do know that you can order a sample. It would look gorgeous on a wingback chair, but also very inviting and elegant on throw pillows.

antelope fabric

Here are some throw pillows that have very similar, if not exactly the same, print on them. They were on One Kings Lane, and apparently you and I missed the sales window (which is probably good for me, because I seriously doubt they were within my price range). But, sites like One Kings Lane and Joss & Main often feature the same items more than once.

So, keep an eye out!antelope pillowsStill not sold? Well, let me show you the biggest trend I’m seeing. Antelope printed rugs. This is where that dilemma I was telling you about comes in. I adore this trend, but it looks good in just about every room, and… how can I choose? It’s like the garlic powder of prints. Why can’t we put a little dash in everything?

Anywho, here is a dining room with the rug, and while I don’t necessarily love every piece in this room, I really like this combination of the rug and the curtain color + white walls. I just don’t think you can go wrong with this combination.

 Now take a look at it in nurseries.

This nursery below is supposed to be a gender neutral nursery, and with a splash of color and gender specific art, it truly could go either way. For a girl, I would pair it with a pale pink, lavender, or light blue. For a boy, you could use a light blue as long as it isn’t too girly– less green in your blue generally makes it more of a boy’s blue. But it would also go well with a navy, a good, rich green, and some woodsy, modern art pieces, and of course some antlers.

But isn’t it fabulous as is? ( I just believe in colors for babies and kids )

antelope nursery boyHere is another nursery with the rug, and I really love these ingredients. You have this deep, ashy blue with gold, tans, and white. I think it looks really sophisticated but without looking like you can’t use markers in here.antelope nursery

Here’s a boy’s nursery:

antelope nursery boy 2

I think a deep green would look really great in this nursery, but it definitely isn’t girly.

Ahh, okay now the antelope printed runner. It is fabulous. I have a hallway that is practically begging for one of these. I absolutely love it on the stairs as well.

Also, can we just pause to appreciate this glorious union of the leopard shoes on the antelope runner?

antelope runner close Here’s another example and again, I love the white walls with this print, but also the way that they brought in some subdued color with their frames. It’s just the perfect sophisticated print that is also homey and not too dressy. Oh, but when you are talking your husband into buying one, use words like “woodsy” “brown” “natural” and “stain resilient.”

antelope runnerHere we have it in a neutral bedroom, which I love, but also would look equally fabulous with colorful pillows.

antelope bedroom

Like any of these for example:

navy pillows aztec pillows pillows pink and black

Okay now back to the dining room, or in this case, breakfast nook. If you’ve been falling for this print, but don’t necessarily love white walls or too much neutral, you do not have to spare your color with this rug, because it is a neutral.

Take a look at this area.

antelope 2 See? We have a blue, and a very bright hue at that, red stripes, a golden tan, rich wood, pink flowers, and still nothing clashes. This is a very versatile print, ladies.

Now for the living room. Again, we see this same rich hue, same curtains and bright red. We’ve added a red and white print that appears pink or peach from a distance, and also other splashes of color with the books on the bookshelves, on the coffee table, and again, the flowers. Also, I love the acrylic and/or glass coffee tables anyway, but especially with the rug. Oh, and by the way, in this house, this is carpet, not a rug.
antelope 1Which brings me to my next tip. If you don’t want to pay for an expensive rug, and I completely understand, there may be an alternative. If you find a carpet place that is willing to bind the edges for you, you could get an area cut and use it as a rug. My sister did that with her carpet, and they have loved it. With 3 kids under the age of 7, 2 dogs, and a puppy, this option has been perfect for them to be able to live life without tiptoeing around the carpet– literally.

Anyway, I have not personally checked on these prices, so I don’t know for sure that this can be done with this print, but I think it is definitely worth looking into.

Oh, and this is considered a  “doe print,” but in the same family, check out this throw from Nordstroms.

deer throw

These are just some examples of what you could do with this trend. I also think it would look beautiful as a headboard, or even as curtains, as long as the panels aren’t too overwhelming.

Happy day-after-Thanksgiving and good luck with putting up all of your Christmas decorations (if you haven’t cheated and put them out already)!


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  1. cookiecutterhome says:

    Reblogged this on Cookie Cutter Home Blog and commented:
    I regret stumbling upon this, because I believe I might become obsessed with it as well!! I am neutral obsessed and am already dreaming about the potential ! I ESPECIALLY love the pictures of throw pillows – fantastic!

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  2. cookiecutterhome says:

    Thank you for sharing this ! I am IN LOVE.

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  3. Thank you! So glad you enjoyed!


  4. Dee says:

    Where can I find the exact runner of the one with the leopard shoes? I am obsessed with it!


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